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Profession Combined with the Hobby

I’m a Web Developer, OL ICT Teacher / Professional Trainer and Music Artist on YouTube. Simply a Multi talented person.


In all past years, more than 100 A passes are available for O/L ICT in each class of mine with a score of 100% pass rate. Then, come and grab your pass.


The whole ICT syllabus is covered completely with continuous assessments. Special end-year revisions cover the full syllabus again. So, it is twice done.


In my classes, there is not only to listen but also to see. All projects and practices display on multimedia. Watch them while practicing yourselves physically.


Monitor where you are while studying. In-class exams will sharpen your knowledge and will surely make you prepared for your O/L directly and smoothly.

OL ICT (Local)

For Grade 10 and 11 Students

AL ICT (Local)

For Grade 12 and 13 Students

KD Jayakody Introduced the KD LMS for all the students who needs a better and systematic experience. Just enroll with our monthly programs and increase your marks and enhance your skills.

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Not a Single Talented Person

I’m not a traditional teacher, I do experiments to increase the pass rate of my students always and a few of secret techniques have been invented.


As a web developer, I’m very skilled in WordPress, VueJS, Laravel and other Frameworks.  This website will guide you to my portfolio.


As a person, who likes to sing always, I maintain a YouTube channel for more than 4 years now. Music is my cure for everything.


A Multitalented enthusiastic innovator

As an innovative person, it is my pleasure to do innovations. Once as a student and then as a teacher, I found and still work on it, some techniques to teach students to improve their talents for a good pass. Because of my other career as an IT professional, I can guarantee 100% up-to-date on subject knowledge and updates of the syllabus.

One of the best teachers I ever met. Sir knows certainly what we want to learn and leads us to it talentedly.
Hiruka Wathsilu
OL Student 2021
Do you enthusiastic about IT? Then join Kavidu sir’s class. He will be a good resource person for you. I experienced it for myself.
OL Student 2021
He is a friendly and understandable teacher. We can ask him questions and get answers without any doubt or fear of being rejected.
Kaveen Narangoda
OL Student 2021

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