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5 Outstanding Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

Oct 15, 2022

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that allows promoting and selling products via the internet and supplying other internet-based services on a financial basis. Marketing is a dynamic process based on goods and services. When it comes to digital marketing, is severely changeable.

Different trends come up from time to time, and often they are modified and changed to derive new trends. To hang on and stabilize in the digital marketing field, adjusting your business according to current trends is crucial. For this, let us go through the 5 most outstanding digital marketing trends of 2022.

1. Email marketing

Yes, email is not a newly founded way, but it bears the highest rank of digital marketing trends in 2022. Email is the best marketing channel and the best way to maintain interaction with the brand and the customer. Even in any server crash or in any such matter, email lets go of your business.

It is easy to track delivery rates, click-through rates, and open rates within email marketing, which gives you a great opportunity to measure your progress. Every business has its audience. To reach them and to stay in contact with them, email is important.

According to research, now there is a tendency among customers for real-time experiences. More and more customers use mobile devices to access social media and email throughout the day. So, if you maintain a successful email marketing campaign, you can reach more and more customers.

2. Influencer marketing

This is a combination of past and modern techniques. In the past, and sometimes even in the present, purchasing a person with an audience and using them in marketing is happening. But as the 2022 digital marketing trend, it is not the main idea.

Under influencer marketing first, have to do research and make the choice of an influencer person. The popularity of this person is not the only important factor, but it is the number of followers he/she got properly with a strong basement. Sometimes, your influencer person can be a common person in normal life but in the virtual world, he/she can have a lot of followers because of their talent.

This person should have actual talent and trust and you have to work with that influenced person as human in mind instead of a business and celebrity relationship, for a better result.

Successful influencer marketing takes time. It is not a waste but an investment, because it is proven that at the present, 10-minute video series about your brand is more efficient than a 30-second advertisement on social media or television with a popular celebrity.

3. Organic marketing

SEO has a major role in digital marketing. Organic marketing includes not only SEO but in addition, unique content, the web development team of your company, and the identification of the customer as a person.

In organic marketing, you do not have to fully depend on paid advertisements and social media posts and you can make trust in your customers through effective content. Those contents must supply customers with what they want to know specifically but not generally.

This type includes meta descriptions, tags, and keywords. This takes some time because results should be more customized or personalized for expected outcomes and it is also an easier and more efficient way to address the population. This is one of the most affordable ways too and because of this, organic marketing becomes a trend in modern digital marketing.

4. Online events and live videos

In 2022 there is a high demand for live streaming worldwide. As a result of this online events and live videos on social media become one outstanding trend in digital marketing. People’s preference for mobile devices is increased and seek fresh content, new videos, and audio clips are being enhanced.

These videos are always aimed to give a real-time experience to customers in the most familiar way and this makes them aware of your brand and builds trust in them. So, most business brands use live video streams to reach their customers more and more.

They have introduced online events as well via social media websites. Those video clips are mostly based on daily activities and are tactically combined with influence factors. These features let customers feel more familiar with their brands.

5. LinkedIn

Before a year or two LinkedIn was only one of the social media networks for professional use. But in 2022 LinkedIn overrated other social media networks like Facebook and become twice popular as Instagram and Twitter. As a result, it become one of the outstanding and still growing digital marketing trends in 2022.

Now both customers and companies are used to prefer LinkedIn for their business purposes. LinkedIn includes SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and data-driven marketing.

In this way, the availability of all essentials for digital marketing in the same platform, let it become more precious. Other than that, by establishing an all-in-one advertising campaign and giving more free opportunities for their customers, LinkedIn rises to a marketing trend.


The nature of trends is to change from time to time. It is the same as digital marketing trends. As a highly dynamic field, marketing is exceptionally changeable. So above stated are some important marketing trends of 2022. Email marketing, influencer marketing, organic marketing, live video streams, and, LinkedIn are those five trends.

Although they are trends in business, it does not say that the whole business is run on them. There are so many other factors affecting on continuity of business and the more important thing is maintaining the balance of those factors for a successful business.

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