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Drop Shipping Vs Drop Services

Drop Shipping First let’s talk about drop shipping and its pros & cons. What is drop shipping? Drop shipping is an option for order fulfillment that enables online retailers to contract with a third party, usually a supplier, to obtain, store, and distribute their products. If further explained, drop shipping is a business model where […]

What is Object Oriented Programming

What is object-oriented programming? The concept of “objects,” which can contain both code and data in the form of fields (commonly referred to as attributes or properties), and code in the form of procedures, is the foundation of the computer programming model known as object-oriented programming (OOP), which organizes software design around data (often known […]

Sinhala Typing Software and Free Tools Download

In early days, Sinhala Typing was a very hard thing to do and Sinhala was not working on Operating Systems and Browsers accurately. But after introducing the Unicode method, We can type in Sinhala easily and accurately on PCs, Mobiles & Web. Sinhala Typing using Unicode Keyboard is not a hard thing. But most people […]

How to Manage Enterprise Level Project in Laravel

When starting a new project, everyone asks themselves the following question. Here you will find the answer and just make sure you are well aware wit the points below. How can I structure the project so that it’s easy to comprehend for myself or any other developer? As an example, if you’re looking for a […]