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The Importance of Choosing Information Communication Technology as Your Third Bucket Subject for O/L Exams

Oct 1, 2022

Third bucket subject

As you know there are 9 subjects for the Ordinary level examination. Out of them, three are bucket subjects which you have to select as your choice. This blog is on your third bucket subject, which we guess to be, Information Communication Technology. It is your choice, but it is worth to choose the most efficient one, under a circumstance which you have full right to make your choice. There are so many advantages you can get from studying ICT for O/L.

It is no matter what subject stream you are going to study for your A/L examinations. If you are going to follow ICT based stream, it will make great support at that time and if you are going to follow a different subject stream, the knowledge you get from studying ICT for O/L will help you in all your work. So, it is not a waste but worth it.

Find a good teacher who suits you

Getting a good pass for ICT is a process, have to follow step by step. First step is to find a teacher who suits you. Suits you mean, teacher must understand what you want to learn and the way you can get it. Then as student, you must be able to understand what the teacher teaches. By good combination of those two factors, you can have a teacher who suits you.

Mr. K.D. Jayakody is the best ICT teacher who has well-polished subject knowledge and as well as superb teaching skills. He can understand his students correctly and he always knows what to learn and how to do it in a way that students can get it. Because practical knowledge is one main thing of K.D. Jayakody sir’s teaching his students can get a good and well-guided ICT practical experience with him. You can try him through online sessions too. So, if he suits you as the best ICT teacher, don’t hesitate to join to his classes.

Usage of resources

The main resources you got are your ICT textbooks. Although it contains every piece of knowledge which you must achieve, firstly you have to pay attention to them. Then to understand difficult things and to get more knowledge, there are so many resources available on the internet. You tube videos, and resourceful articles are two of them.

Not only them but also a very important resource is e- thaksalawa. It is Sri Lanka’s largest Massive open online course (MOOC) platform for general education. Considering the methodical approach, the e-thaksalawa platform provides specially designed online courses in the following five key areas which contain learning, activities and tasks, means and resources, interactivity, and assessment. You can easily filter ICT courses from it and study by yourselves. Actually, if you are going to e- thaksalawa website, you have opportunity to join live classes also in there.

Your effort makes the result

By all above discussed things, you can get only the aid. As students, the responsibility of combining them and using them to have a better result is yours. You have to do your part. For this, you can make a to-do list and act according to it. Then you can use your ICT knowledge practically whenever possible, in your day-to-day lives. By this way you can polish your knowledge while you are studying, and this practical usage do a major part in keep memorizing things. So, by acting like this, definitely you can enhance your position, no matter what it is now and surely you will be able to get the best result for ICT.

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