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How to Succeed in O/L Exams in Sri Lanka: Tips for Choosing Subjects and Finding the Best ICT Teacher

Oct 1, 2022

How you should look at O/L.

In Sri Lanka, Ordinary level examination is the very first barrier students have to interact with, under their own consciousness. Why I am saying so is, for grade 5 scholarship examination parents do everything for them. But in O/L examination, students have to make an effort to get 9 A passes. Actually, it is not essential to gain such a pass. But don’t you think, work hard and get a good pass, then being proud about your achievement is an amazing experience? So as O/L students, you have to be serious and do your studies well by starting with making correct choices.

Start is very important

For this, it is necessary to make a good workout plan from the beginning, starting from what are the subjects you are going to choose for basket subjects. A good start is very important in everything. For a project which takes 2 years of your life, it is enormously valuable. So before doing your selection, you must get informed about those basket subjects.

Important facts you should consider

If you go and search on the NIE website, you can find a large list of optional subjects. Out of them, you only have to select three of them. In this selection, firstly you have to be aware, out of them, what are subjects available in your school. In most popular schools in main towns, most of those optional subjects are available and in schools in rural areas there is only few choices for you. This subject availability will inform by your school, when it is time to make your selection.

Then the next important factor is what subject you are most interested in. You must not do your selection on behalf of someone else because you are the person who going to study that subject for 2 years. Before making your choice, then you have to consider what are the importance and benefits of those subjects.

ICT as your third basket subject

Among those subjects, choosing information technology as your third basket subject is extremely beneficial. We cannot function in the modern world without information technology. By making it easy to study, most schools in our country now have computer laboratories where students can study this subject. In our society, there is a widespread misconception that ICT is a difficult subject. However, there is no truth to it, and truly O/L ICT is a collection of knowledge that contains what we truly require in our daily activities.

The goal of Information Communication Technology is to gain the knowledge and skills required to effectively apply, use, and manage technology when solving problems involving information and communication. To reach that goal, there must be a good guide for you. So, if you seek for a best teacher for O/L ICT, then you have to contact Mr. K.D. Jayakody. He is a best teacher of ICT who is well polished in the subject as well as the teaching techniques. You can complete your ICT syllabus successfully with him and he will surely lead you to an “A” pass for ICT.

After start, now it is acting phrase

Firstly, you get to know about O/L, then make your choice and seek for best guide. Now it is time to work. Without effort, anyone can get nothing. So, it is not sufficient, only having raw materials. You have to work by yourself by combining all things you get around you. Then you can get 9 A passes with total self-satisfaction.

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