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Make a Balance Sheet format using Excel and Python

May 29, 2023

Copy the following code lines and paste them to the python idle. You will be able to get a new excel file like the following.

from openpyxl import Workbook
from openpyxl.styles import Font

# Create a new workbook
workbook = Workbook()

# Select the active sheet
sheet = workbook.active

# Set column widths
sheet.column_dimensions['A'].width = 30
sheet.column_dimensions['B'].width = 15

# Define balance sheet data
balance_sheet_data = [
["Assets", ""],
["Current Assets", ""],
["Cash", "$100,000"],
["Accounts Receivable", "$50,000"],
["Inventory", "$75,000"],
["Total Current Assets", "=SUM(C3:C5)"],
["Fixed Assets", ""],
["Property, Plant, and Equipment", "$200,000"],
["Less: Accumulated Depreciation", "($50,000)"],
["Net Fixed Assets", "=B8-B9"],
["Total Assets", "=B6+B10"],

["Liabilities and Equity", ""],
["Current Liabilities", ""],
["Accounts Payable", "$30,000"],
["Short-term Loans", "$20,000"],
["Total Current Liabilities", "=SUM(C14:C15)"],
["Long-term Liabilities", ""],
["Bank Loans", "$100,000"],
["Total Liabilities", "=B16+B18"],
["Owner's Equity", ""],
["Capital", "$200,000"],
["Retained Earnings", "$50,000"],
["Total Equity", "=B20+B21"],
["Total Liabilities and Equity", "=B17+B22"],

# Add balance sheet data to the worksheet
for row in balance_sheet_data:

# Apply formatting to header cells
header_font = Font(bold=True)
for row in sheet.iter_rows(min_row=1, max_row=2):
for cell in row:
cell.font = header_font

# Save the workbook
file_name = "balance_sheet.xlsx" # Replace with your desired file name

# Close the workbook

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