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Upload Large Files on ChatGPT – Easy Trick

May 14, 2023

If you need to upload files on ChatGPT, you can use the following chrome extension to do that easily. This extension allows you to upload chunk by chunk of the book or any document you got to the ChatGPT. If you are a fan of ChatGPT, I hope this will be much help for you.

Download the extension using the following link.


However, you can write a custom JavaScript using the following prompt if needed.

"Generate a Js script that creates a button with the text ‘Submit File’ and inserts it into the DOM before an element with the class ‘.flex.flex-col.w-full.py-2.flex-grow.md\:py-3.md\:pl-4’. The button should have a green background color, white text color, 5px padding, no border, 5px border radius and 5px margin. The script should also create a progress element and insert it into the DOM before the same element. The progress element should have a width of 99%, height of 5px and a grey background color. Inside the progress element, there should be another div element representing the progress bar with a width of 0%, height of 100% and blue background color. When the button is clicked, it should create an input element of type ‘file’ that accepts ‘.txt’, ‘.js’, ‘.py’, ‘.html’, ‘.css’, ‘.json’ and ‘.csv’ files. Once a file is selected, using an async it should be read as text and split into chunks of size 15000. using async Each chunk should be submitted into a conversation by doing the following:
async function submitConversation(text, part, filename) {
const textarea = document.querySelector("textarea[tabindex='0']");
const enterKeyEvent = new KeyboardEvent("keydown", {
bubbles: true,
cancelable: true,
keyCode: 13,
textarea.value = `Part ${part} of ${filename}: \n\n ${text}`;
The progress bar should be updated after each chunk is submitted within the for loop as follows
progressBar.style.width = `${((i + 1) / numChunks) * 100}%`;
and should also check if chatgpt is ready with this code:
chatgptReady = false;
while (!chatgptReady) {
await new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, 1000));
chatgptReady = !document.querySelector(
".text-2xl > span:not(.invisible)"

Once all chunks have been submitted, the progress bar should turn blue."


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